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5 Special Birthday Cards

Today's post is all about "handmade" touches. We are sharing a few examples why handmade cards are perfect for that special someone in your life.

Floral designs are all the rage. It is perfect for that special someone in your life. Orchids are one of the most popular plants in home decor. Why not birthday cards?

Reaching a HUGE milestone? Let's make that number big and prominent. This birthday card was sent to a 70-year old gentleman who loves a yummy Chocolate Caramel Cake!

Want to speak your language? This multi-lingual card got you covered!

There is something special about "handmade". This card was die cut and embossed. The textures on the vellum are incredible. The card receiver is sure to be impressed.

Late for a birthday? This card is GREAT for any time of the year. It's never too late to send a birthday card! All these cards are crafted with love and care. Your PaperWish is our commend! Thank you for checking out!

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