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PaperWished Episode 3

Paper Wished" is a bi-weekly series on our blog where one of our crafters will show their process of creating a custom order card. PaperWish cards are truly one-of-a-kind keepsakes because we personalize your cards to the occasion!

Hello friends! This is Virginia here. Here at PaperWish, we are always happy to make your paper wishes come true. Customized designs are truly important to us. The style and handmade feel are vital to the receivers.

With your input and desire, we can customize a design for your special someone! A card can convey SO much with a bit of planning and thoughts.

A special young man in your life is turning 24? No problem!

Want to make the birthday extra memorable and special? Put a number on it!

Are you a loving uncle or aunt? How about that special niece of yours?

With the subtle textures, your special niece will absolutely feel the love!

With the attention to details, each of our PaperWish card will wow your recipients. It is our love and passion to help you share your thoughts and sentiment YOUR way. Thank you so much for stopping by!

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